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Volume 5, Issue 3

აფექტირებული დანაშაულის საკვლევი მეთოდოლოგიური ქარგა

Affiliation: PHD student of Law at Caucasus International University

Abstract: Definition and differentiation of concepts and terms are considered to be vital requirements. From this point of view two different concepts/ terms – methodology and method are to be distinguished. Methodology includes not only doctrinal study of methods, but also ideological position, which is considered to be more important (e.g. the extent of recognition and application of the Dialectical regularities of the confl icts and unity of contradictions). As for a method, it is to be recognized as a logically proper and concordant system of research methods. Sectoral requirements are separate issues that need to be pertained to methodology (In our case – primary protection of human rights in the context of rule of law).

Keywords: Degree of Determination, Legal Semeiotics, Methodological Framework,



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