Who can publish an article in the Journal?

The Journal “Law and World” publishes articles of academic staff, researchers, PhD students and practicing lawyers.

How to submit an article?

To submit an article online, you need to have an account with the journal.

Submissions should be made electronically through this website. Once submitted, the author can track the submission and communicate with the editors via the online journal management system.

What topics are recognized for publication?

The article may be prepared on any pressing issue of law.

What is the price for publishing?

Publication procedure in the “Law and World” is free of charge. The costs of checking technical and text correction and publication process are covered by the editorial.

How is an article reviewed?

The reviewer does not have information about whose paper he is reviewing, while the author has no information who should be the reviewer of his paper.

Who should be the reviewer?

Reviewers are scholars of different universities from all over the world, whose competence and academic interests are in line with the content of the article.

In what period will I receive a response?

Review process takes 10 days, however, in exceptional cases, it may be extended for a reasonable period of time, according to the request of the reviewer.

Is it possible to publish an article submitted / published elsewhere?

The article submitted must be an initial work that has not been published or submitted elsewhere for publication.

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