Why Law And World

Content and Quality

The journal Law and the World publishes articles of high scientific value, which is ensured by the editorial board consisting of academic staff in the field of law and practicing lawyers. Board members have created fundamental works in the field of law, possess high theoretical and practical qualifications, and are recognized jurists with competence.

The journal favors research in comparative context to make it interesting not only to local but also to international law community.

The editorial office is responsible for the quality of the publication, this aspect is constantly monitored.

International Recognition and Visibility

Law and the World provides readers with free, instant and unlimited access to published articles, and authors – with the wide distribution of published articles worldwide, and their placement in internationally ranked scientific databases and digital repositories.

We are responsible for bringing your research to the forefront in order to make it as visible and accessible as possible to the worlds scientific community.

By publishing an article in the journal “Law and World”, the authors international awareness increases, he finds himself in the international citation mark, which is useful and interesting for all scholars.

The authors of the article are assigned a unique international code DOI, which gives them open access to all international databases. This significantly increases the authors international recognition.

The journal is included in the internationally ranked scientific databases. These databases are aimed at sharing research work and knowledge in various fields, focused on offering academic database services to the researcher, citation indexing.

The journal is published both digitally and in print and is distributed free of charge to libraries and private individuals around the world.

Sustainability of Environment

Law and the World has been functioning steadily since 2015.

The editorial board of the journal is a completely independent body and it is not influenced by external political factors.

The journal has a stable environment of national and international cooperation.


We receive and introduce all the innovations of modern technologies.

Implement world-class high-quality university, professional and scientific services and products.

We are constantly monitoring the novelties and changes in this field, we integrate them into the activities of the journal.

Communication and Relevance

Direct and open dialogue with the customer at any level.

Adherence to prompt and reasonable deadlines for the publication procedure.

Provision of information in the shortest possible time and prompt response.