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Volume 7, Issue 3

International Labor Law in Relation to International and Private Law

Affiliation: Doctor of Law, Professor, Georgian-American University Associate professor, East European University Senior researcher, T. Tsereteli Research Institute of State and Law

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to clarify the essence of international labor law (transnational labor law). This article presents and analyzes the relationship of international labor law with public international law and national labor law. The article also focuses on the possibility of considering it as a complex field. The article emphasizes the importance of introducing international labor law as a subject in higher education. The article quotes and discusses the opinions of various scholars regarding whether international labor law is a field of public law or private law, a sub-field of international law or private international law, etc. Subjects and sources of international labor law regulation were defined to determine the attitude towards a specific field of law. This article states that national labor law should be in line with the goals of the International Labor Organization to reduce social inequality, to regulate and protect labor and associated labor relations in accordance with international labor standards and universally recognized human rights. It has been suggested that while international labor law is a branch of public law, it is closely related to private law, in particular, to the national labor law. Other conclusions have been made in this article based on the research methods.

Keywords: International Labor Law, Public Law, Specific Field of Law,

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