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    Abstract - Journal Law and World

    Volume 7, Issue 2

    Creating a positive image of a police officer in the minds of children and adolescents in the united states

    Affiliation: Tbilisi Social-Economical Institute, Georgia

    Abstract: The article raises the question of the attitude of modern society (especially young people and adolescents) to law enforcement agencies; analyze research data on the relationship of American youth with police officers. First of all, the degree of trust in the police differs among young people of different groups depending on age, race (ethnicity), place of residence, education, the standard of living, political orientation; provides examples of positive cooperation between police officers and students in schools and colleges. Concluded that the formation of a positive image of a police officer in the minds of young people is impossible without establishing a relationship of trust between the police and young Americans.

    Keywords: Adolescents, American police, Degree of trust, Positive image of a police officer,

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