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Volume 5, Issue 3

საქართველოში არალეგალურად მყოფ უცხოელთა სამართლებრივი პასუხისმგებლობის შიდასახელმწიფოებრივი რეგულირების პრობლემები და ევროპული სტანდარტები

Affiliation: Invited Lecturer at Kutaisi State University, PhD student at the Caucasus International University

Abstract: The study provides a detailed overview and analysis of the theoretical and practical problematic issues concerning legal liability of foreigners and stateless persons within the territory of the country. The article deals with the positive aspects of Integrated Border Management System, as well as with the issues that need further clarification. The author is concerned about one of the following issues – despite the existence of four-level control mechanism of the state border, the foreigners actually have the opportunity to legally reside in the country after the expiration of their legal grounds and continue living illegally. According to the author, the record in Georgian legislation is imperfect, which refers to the expulsion of an immigrant from the country by the authorized official after discovery of the relevant basis. The abovementioned issues are considered one of the most pressing topics for the present democratic international community – along with the issues regarding state security and public order. In conclusion, the author offers some recommendations with regard to possible amendments in order to implement the aforementioned direction in the current legislation.

Keywords: Foreigner, State Border,



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