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Volume 5, Issue 3

ძალადობრივი სამოხელეო დანაშაულის გამომწვევი ფაქტორები და მათი ფაქტორები გამოძიებისას დასადგენი ძირითადი გარემოებები

Affiliation: Head of the Department at Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia to Investigate Offenses Committed in the Course of Legal Proceedings, Doctoral student of the Caucasus University

Abstract: The Author of the article identifies the causal factors of official misconduct committed by abuse of office and classifies it into ten categories. According to the author, for the effective investigation of criminal cases concerning the official misconduct, first of all, it is vital to accurately prepare strategies and tactics of an investigative plan, outline the factual circumstances, which later will become the subject of proof. Based on the analyzes regarding specifics of official misconduct, the author offers five conditional criteria. These criteria must be determined and examined in each investigation process of official misconduct, promoting to resolve criminal cases, as well as, to obtain and preserve the evidence in accordance with the established procedures.

Keywords: Evidence, Investigation, Official misconduct,



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