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Volume 5, Issue 1


Affiliation: PhD Candidate at the University of Georgia, Assistant at European University, Caucausus International University

Abstract: Nowadays, a significantly high attention is paid to the most vulnerable group of our society – juveniles. There is a great interest towards their developmental, behavioral characteristics, as well as towards techniques of their interrogation / questioning. A special approach is established with regard to juvenile offenders around the world according to which a juvenile should be regarded as a victim, rather than an offender. Similarly, the main focus of the international documents is made on the necessity of developing special procedures. The present article – “Questioning and Interrogation of a Juvenile” – discusses psychological characteristics and legal aspects of questioning and interrogation of juveniles; furthermore, it demonstrates the fact that juveniles are assumed to be the most vulnerable group of a society, who should be accorded a great protection in judicial proceedings.

Keywords: Interrogation, Rights,

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