Nikoloz Pkhaladze


 Police evictions are back – The National Enforcement Bureau under the Ministry of Justice has a new initiative to protect landlords from contractual risks in real estate finance transactions. The idea, which belongs to the Ministry of Justice, will allow legal entities and individuals to register a contract of sale, including lease and tenancy contracts, with the National Enforcement Bureau. The parties can write in the tenancy agreement that the owner will have the opportunity to apply to the enforcement bureau in case of violation of the terms by the tenant and receive enforcement service from it in an expedited manner. As is known, the police eviction from the property no longer exists since 2015, which means that if the person who rented an apartment cannot or does not pay the amount, the landlord must apply to the court instead of the police. What problem did the cancellation of police eviction create, and what will the new initiative of the Ministry of Justice change? Is the mentioned initiative a way to fundamentally solve the problem? The reader will hear the answers to these questions in this article.