Kalenike Uridia Elene Landia Nikoloz Thomasiani


The parties come to a plea bargain, based on which the defendant receives a reduced punishment than would be appropriate in a formal trial. Based on its core, it is obvious that the given system largely favors the accused, but after a thorough investigation, we can see that several significant concerns need to be addressed right now. The purpose of the paper that is being provided is to examine the plea bargain, its growth over time, and its status in three distinct states. The writers of the article examine the realities in Germany, Georgia, and the United States of America, which will be a fascinating depiction of the present situation. The study of the facts provided will be highly fascinating and varied in this regard because the United States of America is a country of Anglo-American law, and Germany and Georgia are countries of continental European law. The article will examine not only the legislative history of the de- scribed issue in the given states but also genuine situations, using which the problematic elements of this institution in all three nations will be distinctly highlighted. As a conclusion, the authors' viewpoint on the current models in each of the three states will be stated.