Ana Gventsadze


After the Civil Code of Georgia entered into force in 1997, more than 25 years, the analog of the German family law at that time – Georgian family law – has not become the object of legislative changes. While all over Europe, around the fundamental core of so- ciety called the family, the states establish new regulations, create institutions, expand the concepts and support all this to the free de- velopment and choice of the individual, our family law is more and more distant from reality. In this article, the types of relationships between couples provided by the French Civil Code, different from marriage, are reviewed, which, according to the French national statistics, are much more in demand among young couples than marriage. These types allow individuals to decide of their own free will which legal institution is the most favorable for their relationship and goals. Georgian society belongs to the big family of Europe, that is why it is necessary for the legislation of Georgia to follow the dynamics of European development and take into account the changes made by the neighboring states, of course, adjusting it to its reality.