Aims and scopes

International scientific refereed and peer-reviewed journal L.A.W. was founded in 2015 by European University Scientific Research Institute of Law. The Mission of the journal establishment is to promote the development of legal science as well as raise legal awareness in civil society.

Law and World is one of the first law journals in Georgia, where articles can be published in Georgian, English, French, Spanish and German, with a mandatory English resume. During this time the journal has introduced the work of a number of recognized legal scholars and practicing lawyers to the international academic society.

Our aim are to offer competing papers on international legal issues to the law scholars from different countries, to create a platform for international comparative discussion for different legal entities, to present important research and to introduce them to the academic circle.

L.A.W publishes articles on actual issues in the field of law. We don’t have any privileged fields all branches of law are interesting to us. The journal favors research activities in a relatively comparative context to make it interesting not only for local but also for international law society.

The scopes of the journal are to establish a worthy place among high-ranking international scientific publications, placement in authoritative international databases recognized by scientific circles, free access to scientific papers, expanding an international audience of readers and authors.