ISSN (Print): 2346-7916

ISSN (Online): 2587-5043

Accessibility: Open Access

International scientific refereed and peer-reviewed journal L.A.W. was founded in 2015. The journal is publication of European University Scientific Research Institute of Law.

Journal publishes academic researches on current issues of law.

Journal is published three times in a year. Articles are submitted in Georgian, English, Spanish, French and German languages with the mandatory resume in English. All articles are subject to professional editing.

L.A.W. is an open access journal. Any users are permitted to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or use the full text of article.

The electronic versions of journal L.A.W. are preserved in the international digital repository Internet Archive and digital archive of National Parliamentary Library of GeorgiaIverieli“.

Publication procedures in journal „Law and World“ are free of charge.



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