Issue 6 (2017)


Abstract: The presented article is dedicated to the problems of corruption, and more specifi cally to one of its widespread kinds – political corruption, in case of which, as in case of any form of corruption, detection is one of the serious puzzles for all democratic states. Corruption is one of the negative phenomenon, which is always accompanying mankind and almost on every stage of its development. State and corruption are closely connected concepts to each other: the corruption existed from the day when the fi rst state appeared and continued existence to the modern era. The phenomenon of corruption is more or less common to all the social and political system, regime and culture. Several researches and survey related to corruption conducted by many well-known institutions and organizations showed that corruption can occur in any area of the public sector: Politics, economy, sports, etc. This article represents an attempt to explain and represent as clearly as possible negative role of the corruption during the formation and development of the democratic and legal state on the example of political corruption. For this reason, the most spread forms of detection of political corruption are described and relevant examples are given. All of this intends to show problems of corruption and the need and signifi cance for more research.