Issue 15 (2020)

Certain Skeptical Considerations on International Human Rights Law

Abstract: This article aims to go beyond the romanticized paradigm emanating from human rights and international law in general. Considering that the intention of the present author is wide and over encompassing in its scope, this paper intends to dwell only on certain specific issues. First, it examines whether powerful states still do what they like even though they are constrained by the rules of International Law. Then it moves to examine the most pressing issues of migration law, which again demonstrates that the system is far from satisfactory. Lastly, it interrogates the concept of universalism proclaimed in International Human Rights Enterprise. Acknowledging that the idea of universalism is a noble, perhaps, despite its sophisticated stratification and promotion on the part of international global community it became the powerful political vernacular to clothe unveiled political intentions in the universalism attached veil. It is shown how universalism transcended its metaphysical faculty and turned into the paradigm of imperialism for those who can actually avail. In the end of the day, the aim of the author is not to completely exhaust these issues, but to trigger certain skeptical thoughts, that something ultimately went wrong.