Issue 1 (2015)

About the need for the adoption of the special law about the need on return of property expropriated during the political rule of the “United National Movement” and on award of compensation by the state in exchange for the loss of property


Abstract: The present article deals with the question of the reparation for the illegal expropriations during the political regime of the „United National Movement“in Georgia in the years 2003-2012 . In the first part of the article the author briefly and concisely tries to show the actual situation in Georgia regarding the issue of illegal expropriations by the state authorities. One stresses that during the political regime of the „United National Movement“ in the years 2003-2012 the property was taken away illegally from private persons in favoudr of the state or third parties. In all these cases the expropriations took place without or against the will of the respective owner and without suitable legal basis. From October 2012 – after the change of the political regime in Georgia – some thousands of natural and legal entities have turned to the public prosecutors and to the court with the desire of reassignment of the illegally expropriated property, the compensation(damages) or the conduction of criminal investigations because of extortion, constraint etc. There are people concerned who state that the political regime of the „United National Movement“ took away the property of private and illegally and without adequate compensation.