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ISSN (Online): 2587-5043

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Community: “Law and World” is a well-connected community of authors, editors and readers;

Communication: Direct and open dialogue with users, every step of the way;

Quality: The journal is responsible for the quality of publication and is constantly monitored in this regard. Our mission is to establish high scientific status and authority internationally;

Strong Values: The authors of the article in the journal „Law and World “are assigned with the unique international index DOI that ensures open access to all international databases. The aforementioned significantly undermines the author’s international recognition;

We ensure the establishment of an academic style a recognized by the world scientific community;

We are committed to make your ideas cited by researchers, institutions and communities around the world;

We are responsible for conducting your research on a wide scale to make it visible and accessible worldwide;

International Recognition and Visibility: The journal is indexed in internationally recognized databases. The purpose of these databases is to share researches and knowledge in various fields; they provide fast, quality and open access to the data; they are focused on providing researchers with academic database services, citation index; evaluate the journal based on factors such as originality, citation, quality of editing, consistency and international recognition;

Innovation: We monitor our industry closely and integrate them into journal activities;

The author, whose article will appear three times in the Law and World edition, will receive a special honorary certificate;

Environmental sustainability: “Law and World” has been operating steadily for 5 years. It is funded entirely by the European University. The editorial board is a completely independent body and cannot be influenced by political factors;

Open Access: The article published in the journal applies an open access policy that provides its public distribution on the website and the print version for libraries. The electronic version is available for download, print and web site.

Editorial Board: The journal has an editorial board consisting of academic staff and practicing lawyers recognized as professionals in the field of law, having created fundamental works and possessing high level of practical and theoretical knowledge.


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